18+ (Best) TH10 Base (Copy Link) 2021

TH10 Base link

In this post, I will share the best TH10 base of COC, and along with this, I will also share a link by which you can easily copy the base.

These bases which I shared with you well build bases, and work perfectly in the home layout.

Making a good working th10 base is quite difficult as there is tons of building, which have to place in an effective manner.

So I have a solution for you, Here I will share the 18+best Th10 bases.

and guess what?

Here I will also provide a link by which you can easily copy the base by just clicking the link given below the bases.

Remember that before you click on the link, make sure to remove all the obstacles from your village.

So now let’s take look at the bases.

Best Th10 Base.

Th10 base anti-ground troop.

These bases are well made to tackle the ground attacking strategy of Townhall 10 these base are effectively built and performs amazingly for me.

In this base, you will find the amazing placement of traps with respect to walls, so that giant and other ground troops will bump up while moving across the walls.

check the placement of the traps and you will find that traps are placed perfectly.

You can see that the town hall is placed in the center of walls, and also defense archer and cannon are well placed and other defenses are also placed perfectly.

You will also find the wall is divided into different wall frames/segments, so that opponent ground troops may take time to break the walls and at a time your defense may take over.

So now let’s talk about what attacking strategy these bases can tackle perfectly.

1- Bowler, wiz, witch, attacking strategy.

2- Archer queen, healer, giant, and wiz attacking strategy.

3- Pekka, bowler, and wiz attacking strategy.

Best TH10 base copy link
Good Th10 Base copy link
Best Th10 Defense base
Best Th10 Base
Good Town hall 10 base
Town Hall 10 Base

Town Hall 10 base anti-everything.

While making this base I have placed my all efforts and understanding so that I can provide the best among the base.

This base which I have shared with you is the best of the best base of th10.

You can just take a look at the bases and you will find why I’m saying this base best.

This base can tackle attacking strategy against ground troops as well as air troops.

For ground troops, defense and walls with respect to traps are placed well.

For air troops, air defense is perfectly taking place

Town Hall 10 defense layout link
TH10 Base link
Town Hall 10 base link
Town Hall 10 base link

Town Hall 10 base anti-air troop.

These bases are well made for defending the air attacking strategy of town hall 10.

In this base, you will find the perfect placement of air defense and air bombs, this made these bases perfect.

these bases can tackle all the air attacking of town hall 10 includes –

Lava loon attacking strategy.

Drag attacking strategy.

Town Hall 10 defense base copy link
Th10 defense layout link

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