12+ (Best) TH11 War Base (Copy Link) 2021,

Good Th11 War Base

Here I will share the best TH11 war base of COC, along with this I will also share a link by which you can copy a base in one click.

These all Th11 war bases which I have shared with you are unique bases and personally made by me, and these bases work efficiently.

In this post, you will found 6+ town hall 11 war base

And guess what?

Here I will also share a link by which you can directly copy the base by just clicking on a link.

So you may not face any burden of making the bases and your time will also not get waste in making bases.

So let’s take a look at the bases

Best Th11 war base of COC

Th11 war base anti-ground troop.

Below given Th11 war base is specially made for tackling ground strategy

This is one of the best bases which I used and liked the most.

Why am I saying this base is the best base??

You can see that the wall is placed in different segments so that opponent ground troops will take time to break the wall and in that time your defense will take the lead.

And also take a look at the defensive building they are placed in the best possible manner.

You can see that Town Hall is placed in the center of the defense. As a result, an opponent will face difficulty in taking 2 stars and as well as 3 stars.

Th11 war base


Town Hall 11 war base


Th11 war base copy link


Th11 war layout anti everything



Town Hall 11 base anti-everything.

This is another one of the best bases which I ever made while making this base I have put my all efforts into providing you the best ever base.

So that our word anti-everything should be justified.

In this base, you can find the amazing placement of walls, defense, tesla, air defense, traps and also building in a proper manner. all are just perfect

Town Hall 11 war base copy link


Town Hall 11 War Base link



Town Hall 11 war base anti-air troop.

according to me this base which I shared with you is to consider the best base for air troops.

In a given base, you can see the amazing placement of air traps and air defense, and also hidden tesla is also placed in a good manner.

So now let’s talk about which air troops these bases can tackle in the best possible manner.

1- electro drag attack- This is the most common air attacking strategy and best-attacking strategy of Town Hall 11, In this attacking strategy opponents use to take some loon and rest electro drag and sometimes take 4 rage spells and 1 poison and 2 freezes.

2-Drag attacking strategy- This is another famous attacking strategy that is mostly used before the elec drag update comes in COC, In this attacking strategy opponent first, breaks the 2 air def with speel and then deploys dragons and some loons from the side corner.

Good Th11 War Base


Town Hall 11 war base


Th11 war Base



I hope that you like these Th11 war base layouts.

If you have any questions or face any problem in copying these bases, then you just explain it in a comment I will make sure that it will not remain after that.

If you like the bases please consider sharing it.

And if you ask me which bases I like the most?

Then surely all the bases are quite good but the bases which I like the most are 1st, 2nd, and 5th base.

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