16+ (Best) TH7 War Base (Copy Link) 2021

TH7 War Base Copy Link

Hey Clashier, What’s up, Congrats now you are upgraded to Town Hall 7 but are you facing a problem in building a good TH7 War Base.

Don’t worry I’m here To help you out.

In-Town Hall 7 so many extra resources are there in comparison to Th6, so you have to give extra efforts to make good, Town Hall 7 war base.

But Not a problem for you.

Here I will be going to share The Best 16+ TH7 War Base with Link, and you can easily copy the war base by just clicking on the link given below every base.

While Making the below-given bases, I have focused much on building a base, which is defensive in nature, which means on these bases you will find well-placed defensive stuff.

So Now explore more on, how below bases can defend your base from the opponent.

In the below-given layout, Townhall is well placed in the center of the base, which will defiantly give you an edge in defense and in protecting your stars from an opponent

Besides form centralization of TH, Defensive buildings, traps, air bombs,s, and other building staff are well placed.

Best TH7 war base

TH7 war base layout anti-everything.

Anti Everything war bases are those bases, which are built for defending all types of attack strategies. These bases are capable of defending air as well as Ground attacking strategy

While making these bases I have to keep in mind that, these bases should be made by considering all the attacks of town hall 7, So that it can tackle the attacking strategy of all the town hall 7 armies.

These bases are made to tackle giant attacks with some wiz or archer, drag attack, and loon attack, etc

You can see that air defense and air sweepers are placed well so that they can tackle air troops.

and for ground troop walls are placed in different segments so that when giants will try to beak wall then in that time our defense will take the giants.

Town Hall 7 War Base Copy Link
Th7 war base anti ground troop
TH7 War Layout Link
Th7 war layout anti everything
TH7 War Base Copy Link

Th7 War base anti-3-stars.

Anti 3 stars are build to defend opponents from gaining more stars in war, I can’t say that opponents will never get 3 stars on these bases, but opponents with the same town hall will definitely face difficulty in attacking these bases. These bases are also well build to defend both types of attack strategies.

These bases are specially made for defending your base from the opponent and not letting the opponent take 3-stars on your base.

It doesn’t mean an opponent will never take 3 stars, but the opponent will face difficulty in achieving three stars.

On these bases, you will find the good placement of air defense, defense, bombs, etc. And also placement of traps concerning walls in really amazing

Town Hall 7 War Base Anti Everything
Town Hall 7 War Base Anti 3 star
TH7 War Base Anti 3 stars
Th7 war base link
Th7 war base copy link
Town Hall 7 war base Layout

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