14+ (Best) TH8 War Base (Copy Link) 2021

Good TH8 War Base

In this post, I will share the best TH8 war base, And Along with this, I will also share a link by which you can easily copy the base.

Town Hall 8 is a point where actual fun began, at this point, COC has become more joyful for you, and there is soo much to explore and build in TH8.

Lots of amazing troops such as Pekka, Golam,Valkyrie are unlocked, and other troops are upgraded to the next level, which addons excitement.

Along with this, In town Hall 8 There are so many buildings, walls, collector, traps, and other stuff, which Has to placed in a systematic manner, to make a good worthy base.

And Making a good worthy base consume time and effort, But Not a problem for you.

Here I will be going to share 14+ Best TH8 War Base with Copy Link And you can easily copy the base by just clicking on the link given below every base.

Now let’s talk about below given bases.

These Bases are war bases, so I have tried to make a base that will confuse your opponent about which attacking strategies should be used, an opponent with the same level town hall will surely face difficulty in getting 3 stars.

Centralizing the town hall will give you a clear-cut advantage as sometimes the opponent tries to clear an outer base area, as a result, they don’t get reach to Town Hall.

Traps, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Hidden Tesla, and other defensive stuff are placed in a good manner, and also walls are divided into different boundaries.

So I have tried to make a good working 14+ town Hall 8 war bases, which will give so many options for choosing a good working base.

Here I have also shared a link of every base by which you can easily copy the base by just clicking on the link.

So now let’s take a look at bases.

Best TH8 war base of COC

Town Hall 8 war base anti 3 stars.

These th8 bases are designed by keeping in mind the main motive of protecting the Th8 war base from an opponent by not letting them take 3 stars on your base.

Let’s Talk about why these bases are good enough and worth to be built.

Firstly take a look at the walls, then you will be cleared why I’m saying these bases best.

Secondly, Townhall is placed in the middle of the base. this gives you an advantage

And most important take a look at the defensive building, and you will be cleared about which base to copy.

Town Hall 8 War Layout
TH8 War Base Link
Town Hall 8 war base copy link

Town Hall 8 war base copy link anti-everything.

These bases are made by keeping in mind all the possible layout and attacking strategies of Town Hall 8.

These bases are built to protect the attacking strategy of the ground troop as well as air troops.

Below base, walls are divided into different segments, so that the opponent giant runs out of time while breaking the walls.

So let’s Talk about What troops these bases can tackle best.

Although these bases can tackle all the attacking strategies of Town Hall 8 but here I am talking about, which troops these bases are best in sense of tackling opponent attacks.

1- Giant and wizards/archer attack.

2- Hog and wiz attack.

3- Golam and Val attack.

4- Drag attack.

and many more…

Th8 war base copy link
Town Hall 8 War Base
Good TH8 War Base
Best Town Hall 8 War Base
Good Town Hall 8 War Base

Th8 war base link anti-air attack.

These bases are well made for tackling attacks against air troops,

you can see the amazing placement of air defense, and you can also see the good placement of air sweepers and hidden tesla on these bases.

These bases are unique bases made accordingly in the best possible manner. and well built for tackling air attacking strategy.

Town Hall 8 War Base Anti Air Troop
TH8 war layout anti everything


I hope that you like these th8 war bases.

If you have any questions and feedback then you can tell me in the comments, I will surely take a look at it.

If you ask me about which base is best and what I like the most?

Although all the bases are good, the bases which I like the most and recommend to you are- 1st,3rd, 5th and 8th base.

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