12+ (Best) TH9 War Base (Copy Link) 2021

TH9 War Base

In this post I will share the best TH9 war base, along with this I will also share a link by which you can easily copy the base.

Making a good TH9 war base is quite difficult as there is a lot of walls, building, defense, and other stuff, which has to place in an effective manner.

These bases will be defensive bases, as a result, you will find well placement defensive archer, wizard tower, bomber, traps, and all other defensive buildings.

Even walls play an important role in making the base stronger and defensive, so here I have tried to place everything in a systematic manner, including centralization of the town hall to prevent the opponent from getting much from your base.

So now, Let’s talk, what I will provide you here.

I will share the best 12+ effective TH9 war base, and I will share all the information related to these bases.

and guess what?

Here I will also share the link by which you can easily copy the base by just clicking on the link given below every base,

Th9 war base

Town Hall 9 war base anti everything.

These bases are well-made bases to tackle all the attacking strategies of Town Hall 9.

While making these bases I have been focused to make a basis, which can justify the name anti-everything,

Bellow bases are my favorite bases, and I have used them and found them effective.

So now let’s talk about which troops these bases can tackle the best.

Lava Loon strategy

Giant and wiz Attack

Val Golam Attack.

Pekka Giant and valk attack.

TH9 War Base
Town Hall 9 War Base
Best Town hall 9 war base

Town Hall 9 anti ground troops.

These Bases are well made for tackling Ground attacking strategy.

On these bases, you will find walls are placed in different segments so that opponent ground troops will take time in breaking the walls and in that time our defense will take off opponent troops.

So let’s talk about what type of ground troop it can face off in the best possible manner.

Well, these bases are made for almost all the ground attacks.

But these bases perform best for some of these attacking strategies.

Giant and Wiz Attack(May Include some archer.)

Golam and valkyrie and Wiz attack.

Hog and wiz attack

Good TH9 War Base Link
Town Hall 9 War Base

Town Hall 9 base anti air troop.

The bases are specially made for defending against air troops.

These bases are basically made for protecting your bases against the attack of Lava loon and other air attacks.

In the below base, you will find the amazing placement of air defense, hidden tesla, and air bombs

you can take a look at the bases and will find that why I’m saying the below base is the best base for air troops.

Town Hall war layout


After taking a look at the above TH9 war bases, you might be confused related to which bases are best and perform best.

Well Here I will help you out with this, I will tell you my 3 preferences among the above bases. which I recommend.

And the bases which perform best for me and which I preferred are 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th bases.

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