15+ (Best) TH6 Hybrid Base (Copy Link) 2021

Th6 Hybrid Base

In this post, I will share the best TH6 hybrid base of COC, along with this I will also share a link by which you can easily copy the base.

These bases are well-designed bases and personally made by me based upon my experience of making COC Bases.

Before I move on, you might be wondering about, what hybrid bases mean and why these bases are worth to be built.

Well, hybrid bases are those bases in which you will find the amazing placement of the defensive building, and also you will find that these bases help you to protect your loot from the opponent. as storage is placed inside the walls.

You can say that hybrid bases are a combination of defensive and farming bases

And these bases are worth being built because on these bases you will find all the defensive buildings and other building stuff are well placed.

So now let’s take a look at bases

Best TH6 Hybrid Base

Before taking a look at the bases, I will discuss more the below-given bases, and I will also explain to you why these bases are best and worth building.

You will find the town hall is placed in the center this gives you an advantage.

While making these bases I consider all the attacking strategies of town hall 6 and then I had made these bases. As a result, these bases are well build to tackle air as well as ground attacking strategies of town hall 6.

And also traps are well placed so that the opponent giant will bump up while moving between the walls.

Below all bases Storage is placed in the center of walls.

Th6 Hybrid Layout Link
th6 hybrid base copy link
Best Th6 hybrid base
Best Town Hall 6 Hybrid Base
TH6 Hybrid Base 2022
Town Hall 6 Hybrid Base 2022
Th6 Hybrid Base
Town Hall 6 hybrid base copy link
Town Hall 6 Hybrid Base
Town Hall 6 Hybrid Base Link

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