15+ (Best) TH7 Base (Copy Link) 2021

town hall 7 base copy link

In this post, I will share the best TH7 base, And here I will also provide you a link by which you can easily copy the base

These Th7 bases are home village bases, and these bases are well built for defending your village from the opponent.

Here I will share the best 15+ Town Hall 7 effective bases of COC.

And guess what?

Here I will also provide a link of every base by which you can easily copy these bases by just clicking on the link given below every base.

But remember to clear all the buses, trees, stone, etc, before you click on a link, and also your town hall 7 supercell id should be logged in your COC app

So now let’s take a look on bases

Best TH7 base.

th7 base
Town hall 7 Base Layout
Th7 base with link
best town hall 7 base
Good Th7 Base link
Best Town hall 7 base with link
TH7 layout copy link
Th7 anti everything base

Best Town Hall 7 Base anti-everything.

Bellow 3 base is specially built to tackle almost all attacking strategies of TH7.

While making these TH7 bases, I have putten my best of the best effort so that these bases can be built in the best possible manner.

I’m not saying the opponent will never get 3 stars, but I can say the opponent will face difficulty in it.

You might be wondering why I am saying these bases best for anti-Everything-:

It’s pretty easy to guess well you can see that for tackling ground troops I have placed walls in a different frame so that giant takes time to break the wall and in that time our defense can takeover the giant and other troops.

and for tackling air attacks I have placed air defense in a good possible manner and also well-placed air bombs and tesla.

These bases are built to tackle attacks against the troops-:

1- Giant Wiz and Archer Attacking strategy.

2- loon Attacking strategy.

3- Dragan Attacking strategy.

4- Hog Attack

5- And many more attacking strategy

best Th7 Base Layout
Amazing Town Hall 7 base
Town Hall 7 base anti air troop
Best Th7 defense Base
Th7 defense layout base copy link

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