20+ (Best) TH8 Base (Copy Link) 2021

th8 base copy link

Howdy Clasher, Now you finally reached Town Hall 8 Great, are you searching for a Good TH8 Base, Well making a good TH8 working base consumes time and effort.

But Not a problem for you…

Here I will share a ready-made 20+ working TH8 base, and the Best Part is you can copy any base in just one click.

Town Hall 8 is a phase where clasher get excited and the clash of clans now becomes more joyful.

And strong Town Hall Base, add some additional joy to the clashing journey, All the bases which I will share with you will be unique bases and personally made by me based on my 5+ year experience of playing COC.

So now Let’sTalk more about below given bases

Below given bases are defensive bases, which means you will find the good placement of all defensive buildings, walls, traps, and other stuff,

In the below-given bases, the town hall is placed in the center of the bases, which will make it difficult for your opponent to get 3 stars.

And guess what?

Here I have also shared a link, by which you can easily copy the layout by just clicking on the link given below every base.

But remember to remove all the obstacles before clicking on the link

All these bases which I shared below are unique bases and work effectively and accordingly.

So Lest’s take a look at the base

Best TH8 Base.

Best Town Hall 8 Base Anti Ground Troop.

These bases are built for tackling the Ground Attack strategy, I have made these bases with the motive of making the base with good defnsive placement.

Why I think these bases are good enough to tackle ground strategy.

All the defensive buildings such as archer, cannon, bomb tower, and other stuff are placed amazingly.

Also, Traps are well placed as a result giant will bump up while moving between walls.

Still confused, just take a look at the bases.

These bases are especially be made for the tackling of these troops.

Giant and wiz attack– In this attacking strategy opponents used to use 25 giants and 15 wiz and 15 archers.

Hog and wiz/archer attack strategy– In this opponent used to use 30 hogs, 10 wiz, and 10 archer.

Golam, Valkariya, and wiz attacking strategy– In this attacking strategy opponents used to bring 2 Golam, 15, and 5 wiz.

Giant, Valkariya, and wiz attacking strategy – In this Attacking strategy opponents used to use 16 giants, 10 val, and 10 wiz.

Town Hall 8 Base
th8 base copy link

Best TH8 Base Anti Everything.

These bases are made by keeping in mind, the main motive to tackle all the attacking strategies of Town Hall 8 so that it will be worth building.

In the below-given bases, walls are perfectly placed with respect to traps so that opponent ground troops may bump up while moving between the walls.

The good thing about these bases is, these bases are perfectly build to tackle air as well as ground strategy.

For air strategy air defense, hidden tesla, and air bombs are well placed.

and for the ground troop, defensive archer, cannon and other defensive building are well placed

These bases are specially made for tackling attacks.

Loon attacking strategy.

Hog attacking strategy.

Drag attacking strategy.

Giant and wiz attacking strategy.

Gol and Val attacking strategy. e.t.c

Town Hall 8 base anti everything
Th8 base anti everything
th8 defense base

Best TH8 base anti-air troop.

These bases are specially made for tackling attacking strategy against air troops.

On these bases, you will find the good placement of air defense, tesla and Air sweeper, etc.

These bases are specially made for tackling attacks against-

Loon, Attack/wiz attacking strategy- In this attacking strategy opponents used to being 30 loons and rest archers or wizards.

Drag Attack– In this opponent used to bring 10 drags.

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