20+ (BEST) TH5 War Base (Copy Link) 2021

TH5 War Base

In this post, I will share the best TH5 War Base of COC, And here I will also share a link by which you can easily copy the base

All the bases which I will share with you are defensive, and these bases perform really well for me.

If you have any confusion related to whether these bases will work or not then just take a look at the bases and then your confusion will not be there anymore.

These all bases are unique and personally made by me based on my experience of making COC bases.

So now let’s talk about what I will provide you here

Here I will share the best Top 25+effective war bases of Town Hall 5,

And guess what?

I will also provide a link of all the bases, by which you can easily copy the base by just clicking on a link given below every base.

So Now let’s Take a look at the bases

7 Best TH5 War Base of Coc

Best Town Hall 5 War bases Anti Giant Attack

Bellow given bases are well build bases for tackling giant and other ground troop attacking strategies.

Look at the building, walls, traps, and other stuff, Traps are placed in a way to bump up giants and another ground troop.

And also look at the placement of the defensive structure,

I’m pretty much sure that, opponents will face difficulty in taking much from your base.

Town Hall 5 war layout
town hall 5 war base
th5 war layout Link
th5 war layout anti giant attack
TH5 War Layout

TH5 War Base Anti-Everything.

anti-everything base is those bases, which is built after considering all the strategies in the given town hall, I have given all my efforts in making these bases so that you can get the best among the best base.

These bases are made to tackle air as well as ground attack strategies.

Th5 War Layout Base
th5 war base anti everything
TH5 War Base Anti Everything

Undefeated TH5 War Base

Undefeated bases and anti-everything bases almost have the same level, but In undefeated bases, I should have to take care of each and everything from the placement of the building to the town hall.

I have to serve a most difficult base, which will make the opponent leave your bases, and go for another base.

and also on these bases town hall is placed between the defense so that it can’t be destroyed easily.

And also I have ensured that traps should place perfectly, In simple words, Undefeated bases are fully overloaded bases.

And In the below bases, I have given my best to make it perfect, simple, and effective.

TH5 War Base 2021
TH5 War Base
Th5 War Base 2021
Th5 Undefeated Base 2021


I think you might like these bases, and you will surely going to one of these bases in your home village.

If you ask me which base I like most and recommend you, then my high preference is 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 10th base bases.

if you have like my effort, then make be sure to share and if you have any suggestions, please let me know about it. I will definitely follow your suggestion.

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